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  • A cafe racer, originally pronounced “caff” (as in Kaff) racer, is a type of motorcycle as well as a type of motorcyclist.
  • (Cafe Racers (album)) Cafe Racers is a studio album by Kim Carnes, released in 1983 (see 1983 in music).
  • Motorcycles customized to resemble the British racing motorcycles of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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  • TV Show is the second studio solo album by Russian singer Sergey Lazarev. The album was released in Russia in May 10, 2007 and features 12 English tracks, one Russian re-recording and 3 remixes which serve as bonus tracks for the album.
  • (TV Shows) The Cadillac organization was featured on NBC’s “Today” show on 12 December 1975.
  • television program: a program broadcast by television

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Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fourth Season
Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fourth Season
Monsters. Madness. Mayhem. Bad Puns! What kind of bonehead would do this? Oh, that kind of bonehead: the Crypt Keeper. 14 complete, uncut Season 4 episodes hosted by that netherworld naughty boy, the Crypt Keeper. Offered four your warped amusement are Split Personality, with a lounge lizard getting more than he bargains four when he marries identical twins; Werewolf Concerto, with Timothy Dalton on the hunt four a lupine fiend; Beauty Rest, with Mimi Rogers as an actress who’d kill four a part. Plus Brad Pitt, Treat Williams, and Cathy Moriarty are here four more fright-‘n’-fun tales. Did we mention these are all in Season 4? Go four it!

The Cryptkeeper dusts off another set of horror yarns in this fourth collection of Tales from the Crypt, featuring more semi-big-stars, a handful of name directors, and a bevy of excruciatingly bad puns. There are some goodies here if you’re nostalgic for 1950s-era comic-book scares (or for vintage 1992 late-night pay-cable), but this fourth season represents diminishing returns for the franchise. The 14 episodes get off to a poor start with the first installments, including “None but the Lonely Heart” (directed by Tom Hanks, who cameos), about a Lothario (Treat Williams) who marries and kills rich old ladies, and “This’ll Kill Ya” (directed by Robert Longo), about a nasty drug researcher (Dylan McDermott). The series’ very sporadic nudity is provided here by Sonia Braga.
Of the famous directors represented, best in show is John Frankenheimer, whose “Maniac at Large” makes sinuous use of a single set, a large library; Blythe Danner plays a meek librarian in fear of a serial killer, and Salome Jens (star of Frankenheimer’s “Seconds”) is her shrewish boss. Elsewhere, William Friedkin should be embarrassed by “On a Deadman’s Chest,” an extremely silly rock & roll thing about a tattoo with a life of its own. And Richard Donner’s “Showdown,” while providing a welcome bit of Western atmosphere, is either an existential puzzler or an unfinished production. The directorial novelty must be “Split Personality”, a story of a con man (Joe Pesci) seducing a wealthy pair of twins. It’s one of the more entertaining episodes, and it marks the sole directing outing for Hollywood mega-producer (and Tales exec producer) Joel Silver. For sheer perversity, few segments top “Beauty Rest”, in which aspiring actress Mimi Rogers ends up regretting a successful audition (with Buck Henry, of all people).
The biggest rising-star find is probably Brad Pitt in “King of the Road”, a lame tale of hotrod racers. Timothy Dalton, then fresh from his James Bond run, stars in one of the better shows in this set, “Werewolf Concerto,” a clever piece about a werewolf hunter staying at a lodge terrorized by a lycanthrope. Perhaps the most sustained episode–nailing the series’ blend of campy humor and gory fright–is “What’s Cookin’,” in which Christopher Reeve, the owner of an all-squid restaurant, revitalizes the business by switching to a different kind of meat.
The minimal extras are a commentary track for the Chris Reeve episode (including the voice of the Cryptkeeper, John Kassir) and a perfunctory montage about the season’s stars. The show has a loyal following that will be happy to own this set, but for anybody else it must be noted that season 4 is a year of decline, and not the place to start for horror-curious boils and ghouls. –Robert Horton

Fuller Hot Rods "Rodan" Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer

Fuller Hot Rods "Rodan" Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer
The building of “Rodan” was featured in the first episodes of Cafe Racer TV series.

Customs Frame: 1969 Honda CB750 with custom rear section.
Engine: 1969 Honda 750 with an 836 kit and CR Carbs.
Rear Swing Arm: Yamaha Seca II modified to have oil tank in swing arm.
Rear Wheel (Size): 5.50- 18? steel rim with stainless spokes.
Front Wheel (Size): 3.50-18? steel rim with stainless spokes.
Rear Shock(s): Fox shock with Hyperco.
Bars: Custom made stainless clip- ons with Berringer Controls.
Headlight: Custom cast housing with Buell lense and ring.
Seat: Handcrafted aluminum seat pan with red leather by John Whitaker.
Tank: Honda tank modified with knee cutouts with aircraft gas cap.
Rear Sets: Custom made.
Tail Section: Handmade Aluminum Rear with cast taillight bezel.
Battery: Speedcell race battery.
Brakes: Beringer inboard discs, hubs and 4 piston calipers front and rear.
Tires (Sizes): Front 110/80-18. Rear 180/55-18.
Exhaust: Custom stainless pipes with Cone engineering mufflers.
Paint: Custom paint by JDK with stripping by Papa Studios.
Plating/Polishing: Pro Plating Atlanta.

Marc Palm as Walter White by Scott Faulkner

Marc Palm as Walter White by Scott Faulkner
My Walter White costume.
It’s a double homage. To Breaking Bad, my favorite TV show and to the classic children’s costumes of a character with a picture of the character on the chest.

Taken by Scott Faulkner at the Cafe Racer 2011

cafe racer tv show

Triumph 650 Motorcycle Rebuild DVD
Wes White of Four Aces Cycle and Lowbrow Customs have teamed up to release the Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD. On this comprehensive four-hour dvd, show-winning bike builder and acclaimed British motorcycle expert Wes White of Four Aces Cycle teaches engine teardown and step-by-step cleaning, inspection and reassembly in concise, easy-to-follow chapters. Professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike will find Wes’s hard-earned shop secrets invaluable. You can watch the preview for the Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD on YouTube here: Not only is this DVD perfect for your 650 c.c. or 750 c.c. Triumph motor, it is also very helpful for rebuilding your 500 c.c. or Pre Unit motor as well!